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Address Gathering?

I am struggling how to efficiently gather addresses from everyone without calling/texting everyone individually. I was thinking of making a post on facebook with a link to a google form. But is this considered tacky? Something like this (though not entirely sold on the design/wording). Someone help me please. 

Re: Address Gathering?

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    I wouldn't do FB because then you would get addresses from people you don't want to invite. Also, do all your friends/family use FB? Do you really have that many people whose addresses you don't know? I'd just text or email them. Maybe your and your FI parents could provide family addresses.
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    You need to text or email them. For the emails, you can write one email to yourself and then bcc everyone on your list so you're only sending out one email. (This keeps everyone's email private from all others and prevents the obnoxious reply all situations.) You just have to be organized about keeping the responses and following up.

    Facebook is not a good idea because you can't limit the post to only the people you are inviting (well you can, but it would be a huge pain) and because you don't want people to feel pressured to post their address in response to a facebook post with strangers or put the onus on them to text you. 
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    Hi there!  You can use the Guest List tool here on The Knot to help you collect addresses:
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    Agree with others.  We had the majority of addresses collected between both sets of parents.  For the few friends for which we needed updates, we sent one email with bcc's to those from whom we needed addresses. 
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    I agree that it helps to coordinate with your families.  DH and I created a joint wedding email address in gmail and allowed our parents to collaborate on a Google spreadsheet that we used to accumulate the addresses. 

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