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Eclipse Monday

Safety first, wear your glasses! 

How was everyone’s weekend?

Re: Eclipse Monday

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    Weekend was pretty good! Successfully took both kids to my parents on Saturday. The weather finally turned yesterday in Buffalo and it’s warm and not snowing! 

    We’re in the path of totality today and Hs cousin brought her kids up from PA, so we’re all doing an eclipse party today. We had dinner together last night and we’re heading up for the day. His cousin (her kids are 8 and 10) made party kits for all the kids! 
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    ei34ei34 member
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    My parents were going to go up to the NH house, where they’re 98% in the path of totality. But here it’s 91%, so not worth it. I’ll be home from work but my kids will be on the bus at 3:26(ET), I sent them in with the glasses and told them to wear them.  Hope they do!

    Weekend was nice, really busy but all good things. 
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    Well, too cloudy to see anything at our house.  It did get a little dark (like it was going to rain) but other than that, nothing to see here.  Looking forward to seeing pics from other places that had clear skies.
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    CharmedPamCharmedPam member
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    We actually had clear skies! Our sky did NOT get this dark.  This is a picture through the lens & special glasses.
    I’m waiting to hear back from my family who is in the path of totality. Apparently it does feel like night time.

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    Not much of an Eclipse Monday for me (womp, womp).  At the "height" for our area we'd be at 81%.  But it's been too cloudy all day to see the sun at all.  It got slightly darker for a good while, but no more so than it does for storms.  Much ado about nothing, at least for me.  But hopefully it is very cool viewing for other WW folks.

    I haven't been feeling well today.  Extremely tired, even though I got a good night's sleep and just feeling off.  For bonus points, I was having IT problems this morning and it took about 45 minutes on the phone with IT to get them resolved.  But at least everything is working fine now.

    But I did at least have a good weekend.  My doctor's appointment went fairly well.  I'm happy he gave me the okay to eat fewer calories than I have been.  I'd already been doing that 1-2 days/week anyway because it was only thing that was working anymore to lose weight.  It's a relief to know I can do that more regularly without it being detrimental to my health.

    After my appointment, my H and I got a lot of errands done.  Felt productive!  He really loved these meat pies I'd gotten at Aldi's the week before.  So I swung him by there since we were in the suburbs and introduced him to this chain,  
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    @charlotte989875 that’s the cutest thing I’ve seen all day!

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    @ILoveBeachMusic, thanks for the pic.  That's amazing!  I'm living vicariously through you, lol.

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