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How's everyone?  I'm working late and just hoping that the day goes quickly!

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    Hello!! We had a wonderful weekend and an awesome eclipse day yesterday.  Totality was one of the most incredible things I've ever witnessed.  

    I'm beyond pissed with DH's company right now.  We're giving them a minute to correct what's hopefully an error (he's finding out who can speak to what's going on).  If it's not an 'error', then it's bad enough to formally complain to HR and for him to start searching for a new job.  

    SSDD otherwise. 
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    CasadenaCasadena member
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    oh man, it's been a week. I came home last Tuesday from work sick and tested positive for COVID - we were exposed on Easter, baby nephew tested positive that night.. G had surgery and treatment coming up so i tried to isolate as much as possible (and still am, still not feeling 100%). He ended up with flu A and a couple cold viruses anyway after a trip to the ER over the weekend for fever. His port was supposed to be removed yesterday but anesthesia won't do it with a flu diagnosis (understandable, we're not mad, just bummed) and now all his stuff has moved to next week. My mom came in to help H with kids for a few days so that was really nice. So now i'm dealing with benefit companies and moving FMLA leave around and working with HR to correct everything - so that will probably be most of my morning. Hopefully can catch up on some of the posts from last week!  Hope everyone is well. 
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    Oh wow @Casadena!  I'm glad everyone is on the mend and G's surgery can be rescheduled, but what a headache.  YAY for mom to the rescue.  
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    @mrsconn23, I hope it's just an error at your H's work and is resolved satisfactorily.

    @Casadena, I'm sorry to hear you caught COVID and that poor G caught the flu/colds.  I hope you both are starting to feel better.

    I need to take a COVID test when I get home.  I should have done it last night, I don't know why I didn't think of it because I have a bunch of tests.  My blood sugars have been going off the rails since yesterday.  That only happens when my immune system is fighting something.  I'm running super high and my insulin isn't as effective.  For example, if my blood sugar is 300, it would normally take 4-5 units of short-acting insulin to bring it down to normal.  Now, I'm having to take at least triple that.
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    CharmedPamCharmedPam member
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    That is a bummer @Casadena, hopefully only pushed out a week?
    @mrsconn23, I bet it was.  It was cool here, but through the glasses only. However I also feel people who were in the path of totality had a few clouds.  My parents sent me a video which was cool, but I’ve seen on TV it go way darker.

    such a mess up with some tickets I just bought! On Sunday I bought some Teresa Cupputo Live tickets and I thought I selected a seat in row C.  Cool! Well my email said row K and the box office was closed up till today.  I called and the exchange was easy but when I got the confirmation email, it still said row K, just 3 seats down! Lol.  No I don’t want to be in the back. There’s less of a chance for her to read me. So I called AGAIN, and he got me in the right row finally.  My friend is going too but we’re not sitting together, I think she got an even better seat.  She’s the one who told me about it and already gotten hers by the time I found out. But Teresa’s live shows always intrigued me.  Yes, I know many people think she’s a fraud.  I want to see for myself!
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    mrsconn23mrsconn23 member
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    @mrsconn23, I bet it was.  It was cool here, but through the glasses only. However I also feel people who were in the path of totality had a few clouds.  My parents sent me a video which was cool, but I’ve seen on TV it go way darker.

    We had no clouds, so we could see it clearly.  We took our glasses off during totality and it was just...indescribable.   It got very dark and the temp dropped dramatically.  Also, the 360 degree horizon was super cool. 
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    VarunaTTVarunaTT member
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    We were pretty high in totality in 2017, so I didn't really pay attention to the eclipse.  It's cool and I didn't really care.

    @CharmedPam I loved Mindhunters, but be warned, Netflix canceled it.  I feel like there were rumors of it being picked back up, but I couldn't find anything with a quick search.

    I took yesterday off of work to get my final weekly allergy shot (yay!) and to go to the eye doctor.  I should've also gotten my license renewed, but I was enjoying just relaxing.  I also went and saw "Hundreds of Beavers" last night, and if you can see that movie, you should.  It's the most odd, looney, charming, funny, amazing acting, great soundtrack, and gorgeous cinematography I might've seen ever.

    Going to see Monkey Man tonight.  Otherwise, SSDD.
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    SSDD. I went out to buy a birthday present for a friend. We share the same birthday. We are going out to lunch with another friend. I bought several things and just need to decide what I'm giving and what I'm stashing in my gift drawer.

    I didn't sleep well last night and am just dragging. Also I have a headache probably due to interrupted sleep. I did go back to bed after H got up but I think not getting a full 7 hours in a row plays havoc with me.

     @Casadena hope y'all recover quickly and surgery can be rescheduled next week. You guys have been through the wringer.
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    It is 70 and sunny today and everyone in Buffalo is happy. My mom is watching the baby and I’m finishing laundry and relaxing.
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    ei34ei34 member
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    Oof, all the healthiest vibes your way @Casadena, that’s so much to deal with, I’m sorry 😣 
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