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I'm not sure finding friends on dating site is the way.

Dear Prudence,

I’m a 74-year-old gay man. My husband died 11 years ago after a 40-year relationship; it took me two years to restore equilibrium, but it’s nine years later and I’m perfectly happy to be the single man that I am now. My friends know that, but I still belong to some of the gay sites I used to belong to and, on those, men ask me why I’m so reluctant to find someone else to be romantic with. I tell them I grew up as an only child (it’s the truth), and I’m happier like this. What I do need, however, is friends, and it’s beginning to seem to me that the only good friends I have are the folks that staff the restaurants I go to. (I do document my meals out at a website, so it scratches my writer’s itch.) I’m not sure what to do to make new friends, something I was never good at before I met Jim. I’m still working as a college professor, but entirely online due to some health problems I have. How do I make new friends at this advanced age?

—Professor Gourmand

Re: I'm not sure finding friends on dating site is the way.

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    This one makes me sad- dating sites probably aren’t the right place but if they have health problems that make in person teaching difficult other options might also be tough. 

    If you’re comfortable with restaurants maybe find meets ups that are food related? Are supper clubs still a thing? 
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    I think it's time to find clubs and activities you enjoy and start to meet people that way.
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    FB dating now has a romantic section and a friendship section.  When I’m bored I’ll flip through the friend side and I get both males and females.  I really don’t press “like as a friend” for the men because their profiles do point to dating someone and I’m all confused what “friendship” means on a dating site lol

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    I like his username Professor Gourmand.

    I feel like senior centers have classes and activities.  He should look into places like that.

    Back in the olden days when I was online dating, there just weren't online things for making friends like some of the big things nowadays, ie meetup.

    I was looking for a workout partner and had the "bright" idea to contact some of the men on my dating sites who mentioned fitness.  I was upfront in my first sentence that I wasn't looking for a date.  But rather a workout buddy to encourage and motivate each other.

    Aaannnddd that worked out about as well as you would imagine.  As in, not well at all, lol.  My fault, though.  I knew it was a long shot since I wasn't exactly using the sites in the way they were intended.
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