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You need a career coach

Dear Prudence,

I’ve volunteered with a lovely organization for many years now. I applied to one of their rare job openings. The organization has a great mission, it was the most easily accessible way for me to pivot into a new career, and it came at the perfect time for me to leave my boring current job. I was a qualified candidate and worked very hard on my application; I reached the final round of interviews, but they hired someone else.

I need advice on how to healthily work through these feelings of jealousy and inadequacy. I still love this organization and know I could keep developing some important skills as a volunteer. But I think it’ll feel very unpleasant to watch the candidate they chose working on exciting projects while I trudge through my own full-time job to spend a few precious hours volunteering each week (it’s a small organization so I will have to collaborate with them).

I also feel scared, because if I could put so much effort into an organization and an application but still get rejected, I don’t have much hope for getting anything more competitive. My self-confidence was low before and now it’s even lower. I feel overwhelmed by all the flashy skills I could be working on right now and feel like someone will always be more capable anyway. I know I’m far from the first person to deal with this. How do I move forward?

—No One Likes Rejection

Re: You need a career coach

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    If you know the org well because you volunteer with them, ask the hiring manager for feedback on the interview process and ask what can you improve on for next time. But remember you don’t know the skills & experience of the person they hired! 

    Hire a career coach. If you’re ready to leave your current job but are having this much trouble with rejection hire someone to help you gain confidence and navigate the process. 
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