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TGIF, how’s everyone? Wishing all moments of rest and rejuvenation!

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    N is now home sick and I'm letting him have unlimited TV time so i can get finish a few things for work. H is working from home too and planning to take him outside for a walk or some play this afternoon. Finally testing negative for COVID so cleaning all my linens and sanitizing the office/guest room so i can integrate back into real life at home. Busy weekend with Fire station visit, ninja class, birthday party and bowling event. Hopefully everyone feels good but we'll just take everything one at a time and see what we make it to.
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    We’re have crazy wind and rain storms so I was awake at 1, while the baby was sound asleep. He slept through it and I couldn’t get back to sleep. Then he was awake at 4. I’m exhausted. 

    M never slept through the night and J is starting to. Is this normal (he’s 3.5 months) and I’m trying not to worry something is wrong! 
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    @ei34 i admire your restraint. That sounds so frustrating!
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    @ei34, I had a coworker at a previous job who had a quick temper.  It didn't happen often, but anytime I saw a (probably drunken) e-mail from him that was sent around 2-3am, I went to go get my popcorn.  Because I knew it was going to be unhinged and angry.  Never directed at me thankfully.  Those late night e-mails were always to a big boss or client, which were the people who riled him up the most.

    I like your coworker's "angry delete", but a "quick response" like the other coworker did is usually unwise.  I'm glad you did your best to save the day with a more measured and professional response.

    It's been a tough week and I am so over it.  I'm super busy at work and so is everybody else.  This has led to some communication bumps and bruises.  I've also had the same, serious IT problem three times this week.  I keep thinking it got fixed and then it pops up again 1-2 days later.  I wasn't feeling well earlier this week, but am better now.  However, then my H came down with the same thing yesterday.

    Definitely looking forward to hanging up my work laptop for the weekend and not having to think about it.  That is one good thing with my job.  If it isn't my business hours, I'm not expected to check on or respond to anything.
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    We're having crazy wind here too. Yesterday an enormous tree went down in our back yard. It went away from the house so no issues, but it took out a section of the back fence that we need to repair. 

    Not much else going on. We're doing a big hike tomorrow that I'm really excited about. 
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    Ooof.  Knee-jerk responses rarely go well for anyone that is involved.  When I'm frustrated at work I have to remind myself that my emails could be read by the president of our company and I really don't want to say anything that can get back to me in a way that disparages the customer or my employer even if I might be technically correct.   

    I'm TIRED and it's been a week.  Monday we were up to see the eclipse and were out the door at 7 AM and stayed up late to see the UConn men win.  Tuesday was a day in the car with an arrival home at 10:30 and I've been back to work since Wednesday.   I feel like I haven't caught up on sleep yet.

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    Temperature swing is in full effect here. 87 yesterday, today it’s 66 and by Sunday a high of 58. It’s that weird kind of hazy clouds outside which almost look smoky. 

    H is going to a movie with a friend tonight. Sunday is family brunch and seeing SIL for the first time. I’m a little anxious but I know I’ve been really upset and am now moving on because I’m not half as anxious as I would have expected to be. I just feel like…whatever. 

    Trying to psych myself up for the gym tonight. All I want to do is spud. This week felt extra long. 

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    It's beautiful outdoors today and looking very nice for the weekend.  BFF is in town this week for some appointments.  She and her Mom came over last night to visit.  

    Tonight, DH and I are going to a comedy show and are looking forward to that.  Tomorrow will be hanging at home, putting away Easter decorations and maybe putting in some time organizing and cleaning my office/spare room.

    Sunday I assist at worship in the morning.  Then we have a birthday party for DH's niece.  Forecast is for 75 degrees - we'll take that!

    Oh, and I also have to mail a check to the IRS.  :|
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    I just did our taxes and we owe a tiny amount, much less than in years past.  I'm glad we've finally found the correct deduction amounts and doing taxes didn't make me want to throw myself off a cliff, LOL.   

    I slept like a damn rock last night.  It took me at least 30 secs to realize my watch was going off because of my alarm and not my dream. I even looked up at the clock projection on our ceiling and it didn't register for a few seconds. 

    We looked at more houses with BIL after work yesterday and we're going on a couple more tours tomorrow.  We're getting it narrowed down.  House hunting is exhausting!  But since SIL isn't here, we need to be her surrogates. 

    I love an easy work Friday.  My friend bought me a shirt and brought it over at lunch, so we got to chat.  

    No idea what we're doing the rest of the weekend, but the weather is going to be fantastic.  Woot! 
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    Thank you for all the birthday wishes. We are in Chicago to celebrate more birthdays. Tomorrow we go with the GSs for swim lessons and they all want us to go to the dentist with them! Sunday will be church and SIL's parent will come over for the little one's birthday party. "Party" is a misnomer. It is really just us, the other grandparents and the nanny who are coming. Next year will be the first friends party.

    We had a great visit with my cousin this week. His visits to the schools were successful and he plans on coming up (he lives in SC) again in the fall. Hopefully it will be at least a yearly thing for him. I had book club last night. I went late since I ate dinner with H and cousin. They had a birthday cake for me. It was very good.

    Next week H travels and I am home with the pup. I think I have several appointments scheduled. My hair is driving me crazy. I've been trying to grow it out but it is curly and medium thickness. It is just getting to wild. I look at pictures of when it was shorter and I think I really do like it that way. However, I wanted to try something new so I did.
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    @charlotte989875 i think it's totally normal. I had friends whose kids slept through the night as early as ~2 months. G was around 5-6 and N was around 8. So hard not to get anxious when it's so different from #1. Hopefully all is good and you can relax and enjoy getting a full nights sleep!
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