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Our priest died. What do we do?

Our elderly pastor had started meeting with us in February to ensure that we both had all the documents we need to get married in the Catholic Church. My fiance is 76 and I am 75. He has been married twice before and I have been married three times before. We both are Catholic and most of the documents we needed to provide (divorce and death certificates) were obtained.  The only missing document was my baptismal certificate circa 1953. Our priest was trying to help me get this document because I was having trouble obtaining it. Before he was able to obtain the baptismal certificate, he died last week. He was 94. What do we do now? A new pastor has not yet been assigned by the Archdiocese and I'm afraid it's going to be a long time before we can be married. I'm heartsick. We've been engaged since September 2023. What should we do?

Re: Our priest died. What do we do?

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    I think you need to talk to the parish rectory and ask who took his place as you were requiring his assistance in obtaining required parish certificates in order to proceed to with your wedding.  
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