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You haven't learned to humor him in 45 years?

Dear Prudence,

Low stakes question: My husband and I have been together for over 45 years. We have different senses of humor; I’m more dry-witted and he’s more slapstick. Most of the time it works, but sometimes he says or does something that I don’t find at all funny. He’s waiting for my laugh and I sit in silence. He’s hurt/mad that I’m not amused, and I’m amazed he thinks what he said or did is even mildly funny. Do I need to laugh at everything he says? Is there a better way to handle this? After all this time, you’d think it wouldn’t cause problems but somehow this can turn into a huge argument.

—That’s Just Not Amusing

Re: You haven't learned to humor him in 45 years?

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    You can’t laugh once even at one of the almost funny jokes? 
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    banana468banana468 member
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    Is this a hurt that you don't laugh or is he also just not funny and his jokes are falling flatter? 
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    levioosalevioosa member
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    H and I cannn have similar humor but honestly sometimes I'm just lol. But I still laugh at (most) of his jokes.

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    Unless what he says is rude or in bad taste, I'm not understanding why it is a big deal for her to acknowledge the "joke" with a small laugh or smile.  It's part of being polite, especially since she knows it hurts his feelings if she doesn't.

    I also don't know why something this minor would ever lead to a huge argument.
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