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Vegas wedding dress accessories

Would a veil go with this style dress? Short/mid length/long? 

I'm unsure if the back neck bow would make a veil look ugly as it might bulk it out too much, also unsure whether hair up or hair down (mine is below shoulders) would look best (Sept heat in vegas may mean better up??) 

It's an elopement so no one I can ask and im rubbish with fashion at the best of times !! 

Where should I look for inspiration with hair/veils to go along with short dresses??

Waiting for partner to decide his colour scheme then I plan to buy heels/clutch that compliment that to break up the white a little 

Any advice or further information I can give to get any help would be amazing! I have till September! 

Re: Vegas wedding dress accessories

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    This is a statement dress, I’d say any veil would look best if it was short or mid length. You want to show off the bow detail so I would go with a short veil with little detailing. 
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