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Have you been silently seething all this time?

Dear Prudence,

My husband and I live in Florida during the winter months and have made lots of nice friends we socialize with. He invites people from back home to spend a week’s vacation with us, dictating our time, increasing my workload, and costing us money I don’t care to spend on them. This year, he had nearly eight weeks of visitors coming and I am not fully recovered from cancer, so I talked him into canceling all visits this year. I have no excuse for next year. How do I deal with this?

—Sick of Being Taken Advantage Of

Re: Have you been silently seething all this time?

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    banana468banana468 member
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    Have you not talked to him about this??   If only there were words to use.

    There are compromises here.  Start talking to him. 
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    CasadenaCasadena member
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    This would drive me insane, but if you haven't said anything all this time a lot of it is on you. Talk to him and find a compromise.
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    Use. Your. Words.

    Does your husband pick up any of the work involved in having these guests in your house? If not, that's the first thing you should be talking about since he's the one inviting them. 

    Beyond that, see if you can space out these visitors more during your months in Florida and have fewer of them than in the past. Explain that you want to be able to spend more time with your Florida friends and whatever activities you enjoy while you're living there.
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    If only there was a possible compromise somewhere between having guests for 8 weeks that you completely care for and having zero visitors. 
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    I'm waiting for the day I can talk about summering in the Hamptons and wintering in FL HI, lol.

    I'm not being snarky to the LW, that's a legit problem.  I'm just jealous.
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