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I can't get past the last sentence.

Dear Prudence,

Our cousin, a widower, is smitten with a widow but can’t seem to get past his prejudices to embrace his feelings.  We want them both to be happy. It’s clear to us that she has stars in her eyes for him. He keeps saying that she is only his friend or companion. Yet he brought her 300 miles to meet the family, and has smiled and laughed more than we’ve seen him in years. He’s never behaved this way before.  When he talks about her, it’s clear that he has high regard for her. She’s pretty enough but she is a very big girl.

—Want Love in Their Golden Years

Re: I can't get past the last sentence.

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    banana468banana468 member
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    What?  Is it possible that your cousin is in this relationship and just hasn't called it what it is to you because of YOUR prejudices?  
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    Wait? What? 

    He clearly likes her, is he afraid of what you’re going to say because you’re fatphobic? 
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    What is your question? Whether you're a crappy person for making your cousin feel like he can't be open about his new love because she's not thin?
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    levioosalevioosa member
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    Hey, LW, you suck.

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    The good old, "She has such a pretty face!  If only she'd lose some weight (tsk, tsk)."  Gag.
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