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Do my FH have to match our wedding decor?

Ok, so, my wedding is in 60 days and my FH wants to wear a green tuxedo jacket. It's velvet, so it looks Emerald green, and according to the tuxedo shop it matches Hunter green. I really love marigold flowers, so they are the staple of my wedding decor, I don't really have a "color scheme". My bridesmaids are going to wear dresses that are marigold yellow, and I believe his groomsmen are going to wear black. The issue I'm having is, the venue provides white table cloths and I was thinking about using dark teal chiffon table runners. Will this clash with my FH Hunter green tuxedo jacket? Do it matter?

Re: Do my FH have to match our wedding decor?

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    banana468banana468 member
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    If your table where you eat will have the runners I'd put the two colors next to each other.

    I'll be honest that I think they don't go together.  I think emerald green is best with deeper colors like rose reds and holly at holiday time but emerald and teal would not mesh well together.  
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    MesmrEweMesmrEwe member
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    Let your FI wear what he's confident in...  It'll all work out as he's not part of the room decoration, he's the Groom.  The green in his suit will be in the greens of the flowers in the arrangements...
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    I don't think it'll work. Let your FI wear what he wants and pick a different color for the table runners (or spare yourself the expense). I think the marigold itself will look fine with the green.
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