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Finding location for destination bachelorette?

I need help! We have 7 girls spread across 4 (or five) airports and I'm trying to find the best option for a bachelorette party. I have run so. Many. Searches. Trying to stick to a certain budget and somewhat overlapping arrival time to find destinations that are not Vegas that work from all points of departure (LAX, DFW, ORD, ATL). Is there an easier way to do this that I'm missing? Some site or app or something?

Re: Finding location for destination bachelorette?

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    Jen4948Jen4948 member
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    With everyone spread so far apart, it doesn't sound to me like a "destination" bachelorette, when you have a budget and many of these people will also have to travel to the wedding (how far off is that?), is practical.

    I'd do something within your given budget in the locality where the bride is and not try to do a "destination" bachelorette at all. Maybe you could have the ones who can't travel to the area Zoom in? 
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    banana468banana468 member
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    If they're all going to attend the wedding could it be arranged to be two days before the wedding and lower key?  
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