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Hump Day

Having the busiest week.  Phew.  How's everyone?

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    ei34ei34 member
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    Work is actually very ssdd, waiting for the other shoe to drop bc it does get wild as the year winds down.  The kids have just had a lot of appts this week, and they take so much longer than I always think.  We're also having our first taste of summer weather, we've had highs in the 70s since Monday.  It's that great time of year where we can eat dinner outside but not be ambushed by bugs.  I'm definitely going to do some gardening and planting this weekend, it's finally warm enough. 

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    mrsconn23mrsconn23 member
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    Good morning.  This week has been a lot since we're trying to get ready for BIL/SIL/niece to move in next week.  DH put in our new closet set-up last night, but it was not without a bunch of cursing (The stud finder was not operating correctly and there are now some holes that need to be patched one day, LOL.  But it's really not a big deal since it's a closet only we see/use.). 

    So glad DefConn is old enough to be helpful and also let me know what's up so I don't have to do it, LOL.  More projects/cleaning tonight, but we're almost ready to have three more adults living here indefinitely. 

    Had therapy this morning.  I've had to bump up my frequency because of all the things going on so I don't lose my shit, because that will be good for no one.  

    I'm so ready for this three-day weekend. The next 2.5 days should be rather low-key workwise, so that's good.  

    SSDD otherwise.  
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    Oh @mrsconn23, you have a lot on your plate, I could see needing more sessions now more than ever!
    @levioosa, expect the invitation to let guests know what to wear/footwear lol. 

    I walked to my car this morning, and a cicada dropped on me.  Soooo that was the start of my day.  The world has one less cicada though.  You’re welcome.
    Home Depot was a no show yesterday, and I should have known when I called at 1:30 to see the ETA and she said she couldn’t reach the tech who does the measuring, but left him a message.  Not a great sign. I hope the delay doesn’t push out this project any longer.  Attempt #2 set for Friday. 
    one of my friends, who mentioned the Jones Road foundation to me, has literally turned me onto the whole product line lol. I’ll buy and build them up slowly but she gives kudos to almost every product. They also have a pay in four option (who doesn’t?) which doesn’t restrain me. Small amounts over 2 months? That’s not even money gone from my account lol

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    I FINALLY got new glasses!  I actually got two pairs because Costco takes $50 off the second one when they are purchased at the same time.  I'm debating if I want to pick them up today or Friday.

    I also finally had the smart idea to get children's frames.  I guess I have a small head/face, lol.  But adult glasses feel too loose.  I'm also super limited by the style, because most of them have lens that look too big and overwhelming on my face.

    I watched the Good Doctor series finale last night.  I like that show and will miss it.  I liked the way they ended it.  Spoiler:  The last scene takes place several years in the future and you get to see the next steps the characters take.

    But the return of a favorite!  Paramount+ has brought back Criminal Minds.  Most of the same cast.  But it doesn't look like Matthew Gray Grubler (Dr. Spencer Reed) is returning.  Or at least he wasn't in the commercials.  And of course, Shemar Moore isn't returning since he is the main character on SWAT.  Hopefully he will do a cameo.
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