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Picking up my new glasses today when I get off work!  My current ones are so old and have gotten too loose.  I actually had Costco's optical department tighten them when I had my eye doctor appointment a couple weeks ago.  But they actually made it worse (sigh).  My current ones are also not even close to giving me 20/20 vision anymore.  At work, I've been doing a lot of zooming documents to 150%, lol.

Since it's Costco, I also have a few things to pick up.  So two birds with one stone.

A little bit of an awkward situation at work.  There is a new employee who sits in the cube behind me.  And omg he's been playing his radio too loud since he started a few days ago.  I don't even understand why people do that in a cube environment.  I finally worked up the nerve to ask him to turn it down.  He was at least very nice and apologetic.  Which then allowed me to turn it into a little bit more of a positive experience.  We introduced ourselves and I welcomed him to the company.  I'd been overhearing the saga that he still doesn't have a computer and I commiserated with him. 
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    That’s pretty bold of him @short+sassy to start a new job and immediately play a radio without headphones! 
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    Very bold but glad he was ok with that.  Are you allowed headphones at your company, @short+sassy?
    Had a blast at “Bettlejuice” last night.  It made for a long night.  We actually got there at 5:40.  Today, I heard there was a stabbing around the block from our theatre just 1 hour before! We had a hard time finding an uber to the city (our guy had a flat and after awhile I finally contacted him to ask him why “7 minutes away” was on my screen for the last 15 and THAT’S when he told us about his and we had to find another). We didnt get there till 5:40 when it was over - otherwise we may have been at the tail end of it.  No fatalities which is good.  But it’s awful when you gotta wonder why a “sharp object” was used instead of a gun, which is all we hear about in Chicago. 
    Some bad news, suddenly electric lawn mowers dont even work on my grass.  It’s not that long (really truly, I think I last mowed less than 2 weeks ago) and I never had a problem with it before. I bought and tested 2 new ones and they also don’t work. One is a heavy duty one. Someone comes out tomorrow to do my lawn, apparently.  I say apparently because it’s usually never on the day they say it is.

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    @CharmedPam, we are most definitely allowed to wear headphones and ear buds.  In his apology, he said he would start using his ear buds.  Phew!  

    I'm glad you had a good time at BeetleJuice!  At least you didn't hear about the incident until after the show.  But it's always scary to know violence was so close by.

    It boggles my mind that someone knows there is a customer waiting for a ride and doesn't cancel or at least contact that person.

    I had that happen with me for a tow truck.  It was through my insurance, Progressive.  I was told it would be 45 minutes.  I waited an hour and then called Progressive that the tow truck was not there.  They called the service for me and were told, he had one stop ahead of me but was on the way.  I check the status three more times over the next hour.

    After 2 hours, the tow truck driver himself calls me and says he has had mechanical trouble.  He is "on his way", but isn't sure when he will get there.  I told him that was totally unacceptable because I have already been waiting for two hours.  That if he had mechanical trouble, he should have informed me or Progressive, so they could send out another company.  Then he has the gall to get defensive and takes a snarky tone that "tow trucks can break down also".  Completely ignoring my actual complaint was that he didn't contact me sooner when he knew there was a problem.

    I called back Progressive and relayed the conversation.  They sent out another tow company who got there in about 30 minutes.  That jerk wasted two hours of my time for no reason.
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    Yeah that’s just ridiculous! It’s so easy for tow trucks to call headquarters and make new arrangements.  Just like it’s a “cancel” button in lyft and uber and they’d find me a new one!

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