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What's everyone up to this week?

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    CasadenaCasadena member
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    Weather is crappy. I have a few things to finish at work this morning, running errands at lunch, then picking up N early for a Dr. appointment. He woke up to the storms last night around midnight, did not really go back to sleep and was complaining of ear and throat pain. I gave him Motrin at 2am for pain (no fever) and we ended up snuggling in the recliner for the rest of the night. Not so comfy for me, but kind of sweet - reminiscent of his newborn days. 

    I'm dragging, and people are super loud at work today. 
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    banana468banana468 member
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    You can tell that storms are going to set in.  THe day is gray and gross and tomorrow it's a 100% chance of rain so much that the school postponed the outdoor events scheduled for the end of the year field day stuff.  

    It's mostly SSDD here but I'm taking a class tonight to be 1st Aid Certified which will be great timing as I chaperone a trip with Chiquita in a week! 
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    levioosalevioosa member
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    I hope N feels better Casadena. Healing vibes for your guys. Healing vibes for your family too, Charlotte.

    Congrats on the First Aid Training Banana!

    TK is being beyond dumb and every time I tag someone it deletes the entire post and just replaces it with their name. 

    Not too much happening here. Was supposed to have a phone call with bff this morning but she got pulled into some stuff and then called me back when I had just gotten to work. Oops. We'll try again tomorrow. 

    I've been in turmoil over Father's Day, because I do want to spend it with my family, but I think it's only fair that we spend it with H's, especially given the debacle that was his family's Mother's Day. I have to call my mom tonight to talk to her about it and I'm dreading it. I know I'll get the guilt trip but we can't spend every holiday with them. And it's not like I'm just not seeing them. I'm suggesting we all see each other the day before. 

    Otherwise, SSDD. 

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    CharmedPamCharmedPam member
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    Apparently we had bad storms throughout the night. I can’t believe it, but I slept through it!
    My friends and I were talking about how Kim K paid for North to be in Lion King, so I referenced that in a text to my mom today. We went antique shopping when I was there and I fell in love with a hand painted armoire. You can buy it but you have 30 days to pay it off so I asked my mom if she can go back to see if they really bought it or defaulted on it.  I was like… “That was made for me and would go perfectly in my room now.  I want it as much as Kim wants North to break into show biz”. Lol.  She wont get it, her FB news feed is full of entertainment news but I don’t think she follows the Kardashians. 
    Speaking of the K’s, memorial day had a sale for Kylie’s cosmetic line and I picked up a lip kit to see what the fuss was about.  Damn you, Kylie, I didn’t want to like it but I do.  The lip stain actually feels nice on the lips and goes on like butter - AND it’s probably the best lip liner I ever used.  I have another (liner) coming, but from Ulta since I had pts. 

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    Gray and hot and feels like storms are coming here too. 

    J is still sick, but okay. His pulmonologist did follow up yesterday and ordered a chest X-ray. So now I’m trying to get that scheduled. The hospital does do walk ins but I’m so not interested in waiting around for hours with a baby. Although I’ll do it if I have too it just really sucks. 
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    ei34ei34 member
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    We're expecting big storms tomorrow too.  Bummed out bc tomorrow was supposed to be the kids' field day, I was approved for a day off, but it was just postponed to its rain date 6/13, and I definitely can't take that day off.  Might keep the day off tomorrow though..
    Quiet night tonight and very much appreciated.
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    Hot a.f here and also incoming rain/storms.

    BK has been back to back parties on weekends and I'm just ready for this last one lol
    Doesn't mean we won't be busy though. We've got other stuff going on, plus trying to plan a kitchen reno and have M go thru shit so when we do reno stuff we have bins to put our stuff in.

    Did I mention we got an EV recently? Chevy Blazer EV
    It sings lol
    My irritation with it, is that when you open the door the car shuts off. My short arms need to open the door if I do certain things - like today getting cash from ATM

    Otherwise it's good. We have electrician doing our plugs so we can charge it at home. M & i did groceries at Loblaws on weekend so we could charge it, and I don't like Loblaws {too pricy}
    Let me do my walmart pick up lol

    Also grocery shopping with M is a fkn nightmare. He's like a child of "oh I need this" so much.

    Anyways .... tonight is just BK and I because M is going to dinner with SFIL, his grampa and others. It's a guys night dinner.
    I told BK I'm giving her a bath early if she wants me to paint her nails. I need to scrub her feet lmao
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    @MissKittyDanger, how do you like the Chevy Blazer, other than that?  Is it only electric and not a hybrid?  I personally couldn't do an only electric option.  I'll be buying a new car when I move to OH but as usual, I don't like anything very much.

    I'm a big fan of Walmart's program where they will drop off groceries at your house.  I don't do it a lot because I'd rather save on the tip money.  But if I had a small child, I'd probably do it all the time.  Or if I could get my prescriptions dropped off with my groceries.  

    I wonder if all you Northern folks are getting the thunderstorms we had down here over the weekend.  It was really bad.  We also ran out of our dog's calming treats halfway through.  I get my Amazon "subscribe and save" monthly order today and it includes more.  Along with some other things I'm running short on.  Phew!
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    My irritation with it, is that when you open the door the car shuts off. My short arms need to open the door if I do certain things - like today getting cash at the ATM
    Is that normal of electric cars? I never heard that before! 

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    @CharmedPam unfortunately yes. Pisses me off lol

    @short+sassy only EV :)  Honestly it looks really nice. It's similar to the jeep
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