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What a day already!  Apparently I've made two big mistakes at work...though I don't think they could have been helped...and am waiting for the manager of that department to get back to me on what to do.

I used a new process for what I thought was a new project, but I guess it should have been done the old way.  I am almost positive the lead engineer told me to do it that way, but it was a verbal conversation back in September so I can't say for sure.  I checked my e-mails and there wasn't any instructions either way.  Though I did send that first form to the manager to make sure it was correct.  He didn't say it wasn't, so then it got used as a go-by for the last 8 months and a bunch of other submittals are wrong now too.

I charged a warehouse order to the wrong project.  Except when I did that two months ago, I didn't even know about the project it should have been charged to.  I can't charge to a project I don't know about, smh.

It just sucks that all of this has coincidentally happened the same morning.  I feel bad and think it makes me look bad.

But enough on the pity party.  I got some kitchen organizing done last night and purged a few things.  I also have a list of items I'm going to try and sell.  One of them was such a mistake purchase and I'm still salty about it.  I kept hearing about nitro-infused coffee giving people more energy and that it's a smoother taste.  So I paid $27 for one of those whipped cream dispensers on Amazon to try it myself.  No difference at all and didn't see what the big deal was.  I have never used it again. 

I'll donate whatever I can't sell.  Once those items are gone, I will have whittled down a big shelf full of stuff to just four items that can be packed up.
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