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Ugh, Tuesday

I hope everyone’s Tuesday is better than ours. I definitely caught M’s daycare plague. Chills, cough, I just want to sleep. 

H called as soon as he got to the office to say his Dad was taken by ambulance to the hospital due to irregular low heartbeat and is likely getting a pacemaker. Turns out his Dad was having symptoms for weeks but didn’t get it checked. They’re supposed to leave Sunday for vacation. H and his siblings are all at the hospital, but sounds like he’s okay and stable for now. Ugh, did not have this on our plan. 

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    CharmedPamCharmedPam member
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    @charlotte989875, I’m sorry to hear :( hopefully he stays stable and can leave.

    in more meetup drama, the organizer actually admitted that extra money would be for her for all the “time” she puts in to organizing.  She literally has events like game nights and brunches/dinners.  It’s a phone call to book a room or make a reservation.  No other organizer I know has asked for payment for volunteering a group like this.  I’m sure they got some overage from it, but she is asking thousands a year to do this.  I know I’m leaving but waiting out my free trial because I want to see where this goes.  Lol. 
    Not much else going on.  I have a check up for my tooth this afternoon and if I accidentally don’t hit it with hard foods, it seems to be fine.  So I hope I get the clear to start the crown fitting and get this over with. 
    Edit; I’m co-organizer to another group.  I’m hosting trivia night in a few weeks.  I literally have to call the place to make a reservation (and I really don’t even need that) and make sure the newbies all know how to find us when they get there. And have fun doing it! I’m going to tell the organizer my going rate is $500/hr. 

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    CasadenaCasadena member
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    oh @charlotte989875 that's a lot to deal with. Sending healing vibes for everyone. 
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    CasadenaCasadena member
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    I'm real annoyed with my H the last week or so. Lots of little things that are just adding up and pissing me off. Details would take pages, so i'm just venting the top line frustration feeling. 

    Work is annoying as usual. I need an actual vacation, but that feels overwhelmingly impossible. The cleaning person I was excited to hire has ghosted me, and I'm taking it as a sign that I don't need one. I was on the fence anyway. I'm antsy and anxious and could go to yoga at lunch but don't want to mess with showering and getting ready again. It feels like so much. 

    Hope everyone is having a good day. 

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    MNNEBrideMNNEBride member
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    @charlotte989875 - Oof, that's a lot right now.  

    We've been dealing with a medication change for DH.  He's tapering off a med he's been on a long time for his mental health and upping another.  He's done this before but we've always gone back to his usual dose because life at home becomes untenable.  The neuro would like him off the long-time med as it can interfere with other meds for his LBD.  His mood has been pretty good during the day but by evening, he's picking fights with me and only wants to argue.  I try not to engage, but that doesn't always work.  I'm walking on egg shells so he doesn't go off.  ICK.  We have an appointment with his Primary in a couple of weeks.  We'll see if it gets any better.  It's just exhausting.

    Work is going well, so there's that.

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    @charlotte989875, I'm so sorry to hear that!  I hope your FIL is okay.  It's a bummer they'll have to cancel their vacation (I assume).  But the main thing is he gets the medical help he needs.

    I don't think I told you all yet, but they did find another employee to help me with my work overload.  I'm actually not happy about it.  It will probably mean an end  to my OT within the next few weeks.  It also might decrease some of the urgency to let me WFH when I move.  His training started today.

    I also have the impression he isn't very busy with his usual work.  I had a previous bad experience with someone who temporarily helped me out for a few months.  But then continued to charge most of her time to my work/cost code, when times were slow.  I also felt obligated to give her some of my work, even though by then I didn't have enough myself.

    On a bright side, the problem tenant I was complaining about yesterday at least paid her rent today so at least that is one problem solved.  Though I'm still not happy I can't trust her about a move-out date.
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    VarunaTTVarunaTT member
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    @CharmedPam Wow.  That's rather ballsy.  I organized an event of 10K people and took months w/out payment.  That's what volunteer means.  That's rather ridiculous in my mind.  I haven't been satisfied with the MeetUp selections in this area for years now,  I did find one group that led to a lot of wonderful friendships, but that has been a one-off now, sadly,

    @charlotte989875 Big healthy easy surgery vibes.  

    @Casadena find a new cleaning person!  I have had one before and coming home to a clean house was also so amazing feeling.  Take those things off your plate to concentrate on more important things for yourself.

    I think the new job is going well so far.  Honestly, this is gonna be a walk in the park compared to the last few years and still very good money.  I'm already through most of the tasks assigned to me after getting them yesterday afternoon.  I don't mind...I can use something easy for awhile and then if I want to move up, it seems totally possible.  It's so nice to have work boundaries.  I also love getting up for a break and being able to make my bed, tidy some things up, eat a snack and just vibe in my own space.  This might get old eventually, but it's going to take awhile.

    Otherwise no news.  I'm seeing 3 movies this week, which is a lot, but 2 of them are older movies (Red Dawn and Top Secret) and then finally seeing Inside Out 2 on Thursday.  The new job also has preferred pricing for F1 tickets, but I can't go to Austin because i already have tickets for that Labyrinth symphony that is traveling around.  Vegas is still too expensive even w/preferred pricing, so I'll have to save up longer before I can go to Vegas --  plus I really want to do Austin first, then Miami, then Vegas.
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    mrsconn23mrsconn23 member
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    Oh no @charlotte989875!  That's so much.  :(   I hope you start feeling better soon and patching up your FIL goes smoothly.  

    Ugh, Tuesday is right.  I'm still tired today and have a ton of shit on my mind.  

    It's raining and I just want to go to bed and pull the covers over my head for the rest of the day. 
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    banana468banana468 member
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    banana468 said:
    Feeling very Monica Gellar-Bing in the Caribbean this week with the current humidity levels.  

    @charlotte989875 hugs to you and your family!  It's SO MUCH when you're fully immersed as the sandwich generation and you also have your own littles with their own issues.  Hugs to you!!   You have a lot on your plate and you balance it well even when you don't think so.   The power of positive thinking has pushed me through a lot recently.

    Thank you for this, I really do appreciate it so much. Sometimes it seems like we’re barely keeping all the balls in the air but when I finally get to sleep at night I remind myself; right now the kids are safe and healthy and loved. 

    Thank you all, you’re the best internet friends around!! 
    It is SO much to parent!  You're doing a GREAT JOB - especially with a little who isn't old enough to use words to tell you how you're doing.   You've got this!! 
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