Wedding Woes


How’s everyone?
 @charlotte989875 how are you feeling and how’s your FIL? 
@MNNEBride how’s your H?
@Casadena vibes your way too with H!

Re: Wednesday

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    ei34ei34 member
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    Busy day yesterday running around, it was my mother’s 65th birthday and we adjusted to a scaled back version of the original celebration, she’s feeling better but still not great as far as her shingles, I feel awful for her.

    In other news I’m toying with leasing a car for the first time ever.  I’ve been saving for a new (not new new, but new to me) car for years, but am a good $5000 or so away from being ready to buy a certified preowned. And I don’t think my current car (a 2010 Honda CRV…purchased in 2014) is going to make it that long. But I have plenty for the down payment and can handle the monthly rate too. And I kind of like the idea of bringing it back to the dealer if it acts up. I don’t know. Thinking about my options. 
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    VarunaTTVarunaTT member
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    @ei34 I had seriously considered leasing, but the mileage retrictions (at the time I was looking) had me worried.  When I was researching, a lot of websites said that if you like having a new car, then it's good for you, but I just really don't care about that.  I still think about it often, but I haven't decided.

    Just chilling waiting for my supervisor to get on and answer some questions.  Other than that, going to see Top Secret (older movie) tonight.  Slow day.
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    @ei34 - did you take your Honda in for the subframe recall?  My mom has a 2010 CRV, took it in and they have totaled it due to the part rusting through.  Just FYI.  We've had great luck buying former fleet vehicles.  Usually less than a year old with full warrantee. Our last 3 vehicles have been former rental cars.  

    Things are going a bit better with DH.  I'm wondering if it's the start of sun downing?

    Taking my Mom to a fair tonight for a group she's in.  She's currently without a car (see above) so I want to make sure she is able to go.  I'm not exactly in the sandwich generation as I have no children/grandchildren.  But caring for a spouse and parent. Fortunately, she is in good health for 82 years. 
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    Hope your mom is feeling better @ei34.  Fyi, my mom got the shot a few years ago and has had them twice since then. However, mild cases.  Kind of like the covid vaccine. You can still get it after the vax, but it won’t be as severe without it.
    I was much like Varuna on leases.  My friend was advised to lease since she didnt do any highway driving and worked 10 minutes away.  She literally goes to work and groceries. She’ll find people to drive her anywhere else (ask me how I feel about this?). But while I keep very good care of of my cars, I was always worried something would happen out side of the normal wear ‘n tear they allowed. Plus, I drive a lot and it differs from year to year (I know you can pay more for more mileage allowance). I still toy with it though. 
    Speaking of that, I went to take my garbage out yesterday and saw a hole in my car.  Probably from a rock hitting it while on the highway.  It’s going to be annoying finding time I can sneak out of work to get it looked at.  
    @Casadena, here’s hoping to no rain that day.  That’s a LOT of people to host regardless of where it is!
    @banana468, poor Chiquito. Hoping it’s a one and done too

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    Oh @Casadena I’ve been there! A few weeks ago in fact. H was out, I had to do dinner and bedtimes alone, it as hot and sticky and everyone was melting down. M wouldn’t go in his bed unless I sat next to him and rubbed his back, J hated the dark and cried so M kept saying “make him stop crying. Finally I nursed J while rubbing M’s back and crying. M in his sweet little voice asked “mama are you crying” and I had to explain that yes I was and I was trying to help everyone at the same time. Finally we sang “we don’t talk about Bruno” while I was nursing J and comforting M (while he was in a crib which was basically some sort of yoga move. 

    We’ve all been there. You’re a great mom and parenting two little ones along while they’re hot, tired, and cranky is so rough. All the good vibes. 
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    Things are better today- looks like FIL is having one more test and then will either have a pacemaker placed or be sent home with a monitor, so much better than what we thought yesterday. 

    I’m feeling a bit better- still coughing a ton but at least the chills have stopped! Just hoping J doesn’t catch it too. 
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    Maybe we shouldn’t have been so flippant, a tornado did touch down on the border of my town (we’re totally fine, the water table is still standing!) we lost power for about an hour but we’re all good! 
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    We’re having some big storms today, and just had a tornado watch (a rarity in our area) and this is  the message our town is putting out on their social media. 

    Love it!  This is just in time for hurricane season (sigh).  My database manager was without power most of yesterday because he lives in Houston.  I hope @Jen4948 fared okay.

    Hurricane season technically starts June 1st, but the most active part of the season is by far in August and early September.  It's worrisome there was already a Cat. 5 hurricane that hit the Carribean this early in the season and continued on to hit TX (though weaker). 

    SSDD.  Not much going on.  Since I'm WFH today and not training, I'm trying to catch up on my non-steel work.  I'm a little concerned about my trainee.  I gave him some packages to practice with.  Told him to let me know if he has any questions and send them to me when he is done, so I can check them.  I haven't heard anything from him.  He also wasn't taking any notes or asking any questions yesterday.  He does have an extensive training manual that I created a couple years ago, but still.  These are not good signs, though I am trying to reserve judgement.
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    Ya’ll are great mom.  I knew I wasn’t up for that challenge so bowed out.  Kudos to all making it day by day.
    and that taco looks gooooood

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