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Thirsty Thursday

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Any fun plans today?
It’s freezing in my office.  My feet are securely in a foot warmer and I love it!
Ulta had a rare coupon over the holiday, $20 off $100+ (even prestige and fragrance, which is usually not the case) so I bought a small bottle of burberry her. Z’omg, this is my new fave! I went by reviews when I purchased it but then picked it up last night and tested it to see if I was going to return it on the spot but I didn’t and I’m so glad I kept it!
Tonight is the musical ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’ that I moved from 2 weeks ago. I changed the date out on the 27th because my tooth was bothering me and I just wanted to go home and take some painkillers that night.  I heard it was good so I’m excited for it.  Hopefully it’s worth that $2 change fee.  Lol. 
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    My mom is here painting my living room, H is taking a work break and mowing, and sis/BF are running errands before he leaves tonight. I'm working in the kitchen and the kiddos are at school. Busy busy today. Lots of prep work for the party next weekend. Forecast is supposed to be low 80s and partly cloudy with a light breeze, please send good vibes that it actually turns out that way. 

    I need to work out today - I've been really good the last couple months about working out a couple times a week, but the last week has busy and haven't made the time. Definitely noticing. 

    Enjoy your show tonight @CharmedPam!

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    levioosalevioosa member
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    @MyNameIsNot my parents have a chihuahua and they will have him wear a diaper sometimes. It works pretty well. 

    @charlotte989875 good vibes! 

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    ei34ei34 member
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    Have fun tonight @CharmedPam Good vibes @charlotte989875 and fingers crossed for good weather next week @Casadena

    Comparing cars, I actually might be able to buy. Still researching.  Otherwise just counseling later and maybe a swim. 
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    @charlotte989875, good luck!  That sounds exciting if you get the job.

    My H and I have relatively new neighbors, but this is our first summer being next door to them.  Unfortunately, it's been really annoying.  They have a little girl who is around 5 or 6 and I think the mom is babysitting one the little girl's friends.  Now that school is out, those little girls are frequently in the backyard and they are SO LOUD!  It's right on the other side of the room I use when I WFH.

    To be fair, it's not even out of the ordinary.  But not being a mom myself, I just never realized how loud little kids are all the time.  Frequent excited screeching.  "Normal" conversations are high-pitched voices that are several decibels above adult conversations.

    Totally admit to being a "get off my lawn" curmudgeon, lol.  But not a complete one.  As annoying as it is, the little girls aren't doing anything wrong so I'm certainly not going to complain.

    But it has been food for thought when we look at houses after our move.  Too early to be seriously looking.  But my H was just showing me a house on the outskirts of the Cincy that is on an entire acre.  Surrounded by trees.  It even has a long driveway that sets it off from the street.  Yeesssss!  Now that's what I'm talking about, lol.

    It also had a dog door cut into the garage door, which I thought was pretty hilarious.  Izzy could be a crazy girl and run around to her heart's content on a whole acre. 
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    That’s awesome about the team members @VarunaTT! I imagine your on video a lot? My wfh outfit is what I slept in. Lol
    @short+sassy that place would be polar opposite of what you have now! And my neighbor has two grandchildren that used to live with her, but her son and DIL and children moved out.  I still know when they visit, so I don’t have it all the time anymore, but I hear you!

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    @VarunaTT, if you don't mind my asking, what supplement do you use for energy?  I have always suffered from low energy.  I started taking sublingual B12 drops a few months ago and that has helped.  But was kicking myself that I forgot to ask my doctor at my last appointment about getting a vial of B12.  I've heard it's a fairly cheap medicine and that it's more effective when taken as a shot.

    I'm glad your new coworkers seem pretty good.

    @CharmedPam, when we were visiting Cincy, we saw another house in person that was right in the city but still had good acreage and wasn't that close to neighbors.  It was a bit surreal checking out this house because it was a Tudor style mansion and much fancier than what I am used to.  Kind of looked like a castle, lol.  The only reason it was even somewhat in our price range was because it needed a lot of work.

    But those kind of set-ups are a great scenario for me.  I'm still living in a city, but have peace and quiet at home.  The drawback is you usually lose the ability to walk to cool places, which is something I like about where I currently live.
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    VarunaTTVarunaTT member
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    @short+sassy I think my fatigue is coming from periomenopause.  (Side note, I'm SO FURIOUS, I didn't have a period for 6 months and then she showed up, restarting my menopause countdown). 

    Basically, I'm taking a lot of supplements right now (a 6 month regimen), based off a book I read that focused in on how to reclaim the health alcohol steals from you.  She has a sober curious regimen, then a sobriety 6 month, 6 months to a year, and then narrow it down what you think you need to continue  One of them is shorthanded to DIM (I can't remember what it stands for) that is an estrogen balance/support supplement.  I was out for about 10 days before I could re-order and ny night sweats and sleeplessness started to creep back as well as the fatigue. I've had it back for a couple of days now and those things are starting to be pushed back again.

    Also, for those curious, I discovered this moring that the babydoll dresses HAVE POCKETS.  @CharmedPam I don't seem to be on video too much, though we do use instant messaging a lot.  Video has mostly been when I ask for clarification on something and it's easier for my supervisor to share her screen and show me what to do.
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