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2nd marriage

This will be both of our 2nd marriages we dont want a big wedding the problem I am having is just go to the court house or a small outside wedding..I dont know where to begin with either any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.

Re: 2nd marriage

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    Whatever makes you and your fiance happy is fine.
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    Its been a rough year for us family wise and financally so its hard to figure out and when I ask him he just says whatever I dont know what to do...Frown
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    I'm assuming you already know the legal requirements so are you looking for a a particular "feel" for your wedding?

    Late summer  Are there lakes or piers you can cater on?  We do that in R.I. and that's about the same climate.

    Sailing?  Golfing?  Express both of your interests if you want a "theme" of any sort.

    I see you in an ivorm cream dress, no puff. slim and elegant.  Haveyou chosen your gown yet?
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    If he doesn't mind either way, then what do you want?  I'd decide first if you guys want to go to the courthouse only or have a small outdoor wedding, then go from there.  Maybe put a budget together to see how much you can/want to spend, that might make your decision easier.
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    There is a Second Wedding board in the "Special Topic Wedding Board" to the left. It's primarily for brides who are marrying a second (or more) times, or their fiance has been married more than once. Join us! This is exactly the place to feel welcome.
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    WOW thank you all so so much...I didnt know we had to have proof of our divorces so I am happy I know that now very happy...I have not picked a dress was thinking very simple something that said bride but was not like LOOOOOOK @ me LOL...we both love so many thing's I think that is why we are having such a had time. My mom had made a suggestion nice little outside cermony with just our family "parents etc" then they would take us to dinner & pay for a nice hotel suite for the night since we are not able to do a honeymoon. It seems so much harder this time than it did the first
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    This is our 2nd marriage also.  I definately did NOT want a wedding.  I told my fiance lets got to town hall and I'll wear my sparkley flip flops.......well needless to say he wasnt having that. He wants his parents happy as they were NOT fond of the X........ We found a small local restaurant that only serves dinner (takeout during the day) .  The owner is giving us 4 hours with no charge for the room.  We are having a family style dinner for 27with a cocktail hour and appetizers to start.I will make my own centerpieces.  We are getting married right in the restaurant.  I found a woman to  make me a gorgeous cake for under 90.00!.....Its doable.......keep it simple.  Bought my dress for 169.00 .........good luck! 
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    see that is what I am looking for stacie something just like that very cheap and simple....
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