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April 2012 Weddings

For the married ladies!!!!!!! So fun to type that ;)

Okay sorry for the long subject line but YAY its so much fun to be talking to married ladies here on our board FINALLY! Sooooo my question to all of you now married is HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE YOUR TICKER NOW????? I love seeing it say days since you were married as opposed to the stressful days till your wedding. Its such a relief to be done with the planning and back to normal life but I must admit I really kinda miss all the craziness of plannig the wedding, not the stress though lol. So just thought I would see if im the only weirdo who had thought this yet?
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Re: For the married ladies!!!!!!! So fun to type that ;)

  • You are not a weirdo, dear Mod. I will probably feel the same way as you during the weeks following the honeymoon.
    I can't wait to see what the others will say.
  • mdphdmdphd member
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    It's great being married :)  But H and I still live apart until 7/1 and we didnt do a honeymoon right away so it still feels surreal to us.  I hope we still have that "newlywed" happy feeling by the time we are actually together!
  • Not crazy weirdo dear Mrs. Mod hehe. I told H last night it was our 1 day anniversary. He called me "dork" and I said "that's Mrs. Dork and don't you forget it" haha
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  • It is so exciting to be  Mrs.!!! It's so happy, and the wedding day was...perfect!  Of course there were hiccups, but the day itself was just perect. Definitely enjoy your wedding day and all the small things that you thought were a big deal really don't matter as much as you think they will when the day actually comes. I'm so happy to be a Mr. and Mrs. now!!! Congratulations to everyone!!!
  • It is exciting to be a Mrs!!!  I cannot say I miss preparing for the wedding - I am glad its over.  I feel a sense of relief that everything went well.  But also - what am I going to do with myself now that I don't have 500 wedding things to do?
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