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Ideas for the Note on the Back Cover of a Wedding Program

I would like something along the lines of: 

Please join us at the [_place_] for the reception,
following the ceremony.

Just to remind the guest in church about the reception that follows the ceremony. 
Its for a catholic wedding.
Any web site or ideas would be greatly helpful!

Re: Ideas for the Note on the Back Cover of a Wedding Program

  • Didn't you include reception information in your invitation?  Do you think people will have forgotten about the reception?

    And another thought comes to mind:  is your reception actually open to ALL guests.  Because a wedding in a church is a public event.  I work in a church, and while it doesn't happen often, congregation members wlil come to the ceremony for a church member, even though they're not invited (and they know it and they're fine with it) to the reception.

    But I'd think that once you put a note on the back of your program, you've in effect invited anyone at the ceremony to the reception.

    I'd leave that off.  If you want a note, put something about thanking all those who have brought you to this place in your life.....blah, blah, blah.

    Or if you have loved ones who have passed away, something about remembering those who are with us today in our hearts as we take this next step in our lives.....

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  • Ditto Trix.

    I expect some of the congregation at our church, and some other family friends, will come to the ceremony to see the wedding.  But they haven't all been invited to the reception at the golf course.  Anyone who is invited to the reception will receive the appropriate info in the invitation that I mail them.

    I have forgotten to bring the invite (and reception venue address) to weddings in the past, and I didn't just forego the reception.  I asked someone else there for the address/directions so we could find it - it wasn't the end of the world.  People will figure it out.

    I don't think we are going to have anything "extra" on the back of the program.
  • My sister did a map with directions from the ceremony to the reception on the back of her programs.  I don't remember the specific wording, but I don't think the specific wording is too important there.  But I'll ditto Trix and Naomi that you should only do this if you're certain that everyone who shows up for the ceremony has been invited to the reception. 

    Our ceremony and reception were in the same place, so our last page had a song lyric that I badly wanted to incorporate somewhere and a little note of thanks from us.
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