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Catholic marrying a Protestant

My fiance and I are getting married in October and we have everything all planned out, but now my parents are really pushing for a catholic wedding. My fiance and I discussed that we wanted to have the ceremony at the reception site and that his brother would be out officiant. I have always wanted to get married in a catholic church but I don't think that we can because my fiance is not confirmed in the catholic churh and I really don't want to tell his brother that we will not be using him. Do any of you know the requirements for getting married in a catholic church when the groom is not catholic? And do you know if it is possible to have his brother stand up with the priest and actually help him officiate?

Re: Catholic marrying a Protestant

  • My brother was a Christian (he later converted), his wife is a nominal Catholic. They were wed in the Catholic church at the US Air Force Academy, which is the floor right below the big A-shaped Protestant one you see in photos. So it CAN be done.  As for your FI's brother assisting or not, I don't know.
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