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2 Officiants

I'm thinking about having my 2 brothers officiate my ceremony.  It is not a religous ceremony at all.  Has anyone done this where it isn't interfaith? (just because that's really I'll I've found so far for a reason to have 2).

If anyone has any idea's on how this could work I'd love the advice.  Or, if you have done this would you like to share your ceremony?


Re: 2 Officiants

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    Mine was interfaith but you would do it the same way by just alternating the different parts of the ceremony between the two officants.  Each does a welcome, they can share the address and readings (if you have them), one does the vows, one does the rings, and back and forth you go, etc.  I don't see why it wouldn't work just fine with a little orchestration.

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    We are having 2 ... his uncle is a deacon so we are going to have him do our ceremony along with the priest.
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