Bridesmaid Bailout

Hey ladies,
So this last week one of my bridesmaid, who is my cousin, backed out of my wedding. I'm not really upset about it either becuase the way that she was acting about everything with the wedding and treating me, which was a complete surprise because I was her MOH last Oct, I'm actually relieved that she has backed out.
I have a friend that I would really like to ask to be a bridesmaid. I'm not worried about her being affended with not being a first choice but I would love to make her feel special by asking her in a nice way. I have to do it quickly because even though we are still waiting on doing the dress and everything else we will need to start that soon.
 Any ideas?
 Thanks ladies!

Re: Bridesmaid Bailout

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    This exact thing happened to me. Sort of. My future sister in law, and the girl who actually introduced us was to be a bridesmaid, and she got REALLY upset and totally backed out (and then didn't tell me until the last minute) and I was likewise afraid to offend someone by making them second string, but it was just fine! I told them that it would mean a lot to me if they could be in my wedding in some way, and that I would love for them to be a bridesmaid, but if they felt uncomfortable with that I wanted to know what else they'd like to do, and she immediately chose bridesmaid so it worked out perfectly!
    good luck!!
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    That is tough, but sometimes you have to go talk with them with your proverbial hat in your hands.  That is tough, but you and her will become better friends for it, and that is what friends are for.  When there is stupid stuff, the real friends will see through that situation, and stick around.
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