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So we are already paying for most of our wedding and my MIL desides that she can't pay for the rehersal dinner at all but you know she can go to dinner all the time and go on shopping sprees for herself! We have a pretty large rehersal dinner group about 50 people and I need some ideas that are affordable for the rehersal dinner!!

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    what part of houston?
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    why not do a bar bq or get a restraunt like gringos to cater and have it at someones house.
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    What is your budget? We have 30 for ours plus 5 kids so we decided to have it at our house since we also are paying for everything. I can highly reccomended Armentas Mexican restraunt in Channelview to cater Mexican food. They are the most affordable per person and the best quality by far!! They deliver anywhere for the most part and they give you a lot of food and sides!! I know some brides may want a different kind of food but for me it was great and in our budget. Having it at someone's house is a good idea..it cuts cost a lot.
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    you could host a bbq of hamburgers and hotdogs! Just simple and easy. You are with friends and family so they won't judge!

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