Rockefeller Hall

Does anyone have any reviews they would like to share about Rockefeller Hall? I would like to hear the good and bad as my sister in law is looking at possibly using this venue.

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    We toured this venue when we were looking for ours and we really liked it. The lady in charge was very friendly and the pricing didnt seem too bad compared to our budget. However it was a little too small for our guest list so we did not ultimately go with them but it was very beautiful and unique we liked it A LOT.
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    Thank you so much. This was really helpful. My sister in law is planning on have a very small intimate wedding, but she wan't a vintage feel to it. When I looked at the pictures of the venue, I thought it would be great for the vintage feel she was going for.
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    I have been to two weddings there - they were both gorgeous and had good food too (one was a dinner, the other was heavy apps).  I love that place!  If we had had a smaller wedding, it would have been on the top of my list.
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    Thank you! We have set up an appointment to take a tour next week.
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    my sister had her prom there and my friends just had their christmas party there. its a gorgeous place.
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