Custom Wedding Band

What stores in Houston will make custom bands or alter bands in store? I just don't want to send my ring off for weeks at a time.

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    I know Nazars on Westheimer does - my engagement ring came from there and it was one of their designs, then they were going to make my wedding band but we found something there that fit. They were really great to work with
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    I reccomend Klein's on Westheimer..had both of ours done there.  Mine was a custom band to flush with my engagement ring. They made a wax mold to make sure its what i wanted it to look like before the ring was made.  Great people to buy from..very personable.

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    My husband and I got ours custom made at Reiners. It is also on Westheimer. They did an awesome job and we found their pricing to be terrific.
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    PM me, and I will send you our diamond guy's info. After learning retail chains like above mark up diamonds 300%, we will never buy from those places. GMA certified diamonds you custom design, he's amazing! I am in love with my ring!

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