Old Navy Flip-Flops

Hi Ladies!

Does anyone know when Old Navy has their flip flops on sale for a $1?  I could have already missed the sale, but thought I would check.

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    STBMrsMartinSTBMrsMartin member
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    Not sure when it is, but it is insane when it happens! They limit each person to like 6 flip flops per person. You might check online too because they have discounts running on their flip flops all the time.
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    Last time I was at Michaels they had some for $1, colors were limited to white, blue, pink and black I think.
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    MissG34MissG34 member
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    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news the store sale was a few weeks ago. :(
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    [QUOTE]Sorry to be the bearer of bad news the store sale was a few weeks ago. :(
    Posted by MissG34[/QUOTE]
    I second that. A friend called me at 6am to come help her stand in line...ha ha. I don't do Black Friday, I don't do Running of the Brides and I definitely don't do Old Navy Flip Flop sales. I don't like crowds like that...weird since I live in NYC.
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    i was at michael's yesterday and they had a huge crate of flip flops on sale outside the store (which usually means super sale) - they were all either pink or black, though.
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