Help! Unique ways to wrap bridesmaids gifts

Any ideas of how to uniquely wrap a silk bathrobe I have purchased for my bridesmaids? I do not just want to wrap them in a box! I would love to be able to uniquely put them in a vase or something! Please help me think of ideas or maybe ideas you have seen before!! Thanks!

Re: Help! Unique ways to wrap bridesmaids gifts

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    These ideas might sound kind of cheesy, but here ya go!

    Find some type of plastic tube. The shape of a paper tower roll. Roll them up nicely and stuff them inside. Then you can wrap the roll with some nice paper or fabric and tie the ends with ribbon.

    Another option is to decorate a pretty pillow case. Maybe put each bridesmaid's name on it or something and neatly put the robe in the pillow case and tie it with a ribbon. The pillow case falls with in the theme.

    You can also place the robe on a really pretty cushioned silk hanger and find a cloth garmet bag to personilize.

    Just a few ideas!
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    It may not be as fancy as you are looking for, but I got my BMs tshirts, clutches, flip flops & hair pieces for the wedding & I am giving them to my BMs in custom tote bags I had made by a friend (http://www.juneedesigns.com) for $12 which was way cheaper than I saw on Etsy. And she (Kristy) can make them any way you want in any colors. I think it is a fun way to give the gifts and I really do think that they'll use the tote bags again. www.juneedesigns.com/" target="_blank" onmousedown="UntrustedLink.bootstrap($(this), "9ab5dcf6def1f029a7fe62f8c9af198e", event)">
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    Maybe I'm in the minority but I LOVE a nicely wrapped gift with a beautiful fabric ribbon. Seriously it makes the gift that much better.
    I've recently became a huge fan of black wrapping paper =)  B/C everything looks so sharp against it.
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    I thought this was cute, its a gift and a goft box in one, you can do jewlery or whatever in it.

    I however am doing the same thing as lasaggie, and getting my girls flipflops and t-shirts and jewlery and putting them in totes I am making myself.
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