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This is what the dress looks like at the store.

I would just like to write a negative review of Ana Hulan from Sew it Seams in The Woodlands. I wish I had not let her ruin my dress. My dress is a Paloma Blanca 4015 and has lots of lace.

The problem with my dress after she altered it was bunching under the bust, the lace was placed incorrectly and off center, and my lace was glued on.
The off center lace made my breats appear uneven. She attempted to fix this by cutting the border of the lace and moving it down, however this created a hole and an awkward tear drop.
When I asked her to fix the bunching she said it was because I had lost weight. (I have been careful to not lose any weight). I asked her to fix the bunching before I had my portraits. She insisted it was because I had lost weight and said I needed to take my portraits anyways because "they dont really matter". She didnt feel like she needed to fix them because I didnt mention this at my last dress fitting. However me and my mother did mention this. She said once she takes the waist band in, that will fix it. However she never took the waistband in. When my mother asked her about the fringe along the bust she responded with "we go around ruining the dresses at night". I have never been treated so rudely by a professional!!!
Trying to come up with a way to rectify the situation was impossible. She ended up telling us it would be an additional 400 to fix because we didnt mention earlier. However we did mention it. When we said that was fine she reluctantly made another appointment. As you can imagine after she treated us so rudely I was terrified to bring my dress back to her. She bullied me and made me feel like I was being ridiculous.

I have taken my dress to another seamstress who can salvage the dress, she corrected the bunching by adding darts and made the lace centered.

She also brought to my attention that all of my lace that SHOULD be stitched in is cheaply GLUED IN! Along the entire bodice and the entire hem of my dress is glued in. Over time this glue will yellow making heirlooming my dress pointless. Instead of being smooth against the bodice the lace is chunked up along the dart of the bust. I am amazed at such poor workmanship. My new seamstress was absolutely disgusted with her work. Also while there we discovered pins she had left in the dress. She didnt even finish her work.

It cost 900 to have her alter my dress. I was postive that she knew what she was doing if she would charge so much. I am amazed at how lazy it was.

I want to save at least one bride from the emotional distress this has caused me. Dealing with this has destroyed the last few weeks of my engagement. I couldn't even do bridal portraits because I had to cancel them. I was so upset that I had spent 2800 on my dress and an additional 900 to have it altered just to be disappointed. I put my dress on at home and just cried, it looked so awful.

Please save yourself from pain and misery and please save your wedding dress. Do not go here!

Just one example of the glue shinning through the lace

This is the teardrop and hole

This shows the off centered lace, tear drop, bunching, and pins.


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    I hope that your new seamstress makes your dress beautiful! Good luck.
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    Who is your new seamstress??? I will be looking for a seamstress to go to in the Woodlands also for my Martina Liana dress and I would hate to have someone mess it up after what I paid for it also! I'm sorry you had that experience.
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    i am so sorry about your dress!!!  I am a seamstress and i look through this board once in a while to see if any brides need help.  I am so sorry that she put you throught this.  I can not beleive she glued down your lace!!!!  you poor thing.  The one thing i would like to add to your message to the brides and i can not stress it enough.  Always get a second opion and qoute for your alterations.  because when you said $900 for the alterations my heart stopped!!!!  Please find a seamstress that loves what she does and spend time with you and listens to what you want.  We are out there and want to make our brides look fab on there day.   Michelle colletti
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    I'm so sorry this happened to you. I went to Ana and this was one of the best experiences of my whole wedding! She treated me with respect, taught me traditions about my wedding that I didn't even know and made my gown fit like and glove and look like a million bucks. She was expensive, but worth every penny. From what you posted and what I experienced were totally two different things, that's why I had to say something about how good she was. I will (and have) recommend her to my girlfriends and family.

    - Tammy J.
  • Sorry you had a bad experience at Sew It Seams.  We were extremely pleased with the work Ana did.  My daughter's wedding dress was extremely difficult to alter because of all the detail, and Ana did a beautiful job.  It fit her perfectly and we did not lose any of the detail in the dress which made it beautiful.  Now my second daughter is having her dress altered there, and we have complete confidence in the work that will be done there.
  • I am not sure you we are talking about same business hereSew it seams with Ms Ana is the best in town. I did 3 dresses there
    She is a professional and knows what she is doing

  • We had the same problem.  She ruined my MOB dress and won't pay for it!  And when we got to the church we found out she had not completed the bustling of the Brides dress.  I had to stop and sew on buttons to buste the dress. 

    Very poor workmanship and a con to boot!


  • I just had work done on a very intricate /delicate dress and Ana was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! I even had to have emergency knee surgery a couple weeks before the wedding which meant my shoe height/ length of dress had to be changed. She changed it at the last minute and it was stunning. She was very professional. For those reading this I believe that this bride's incident is a rare occurrence. She does amazing work!!!
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