Wedding Officiants?

One of the few things left for my fiance and I to do is to secure a wedding officiant for our ceremony. I've contacted a couple, but I'm not sure how to best compare. Does anyone have experiences with local officiants/ministers who will go to an outside venue (instead of a church) and perform weddings? And what would be considered a competitive price for a wedding officiant including a rehearsal? Thank you!

Re: Wedding Officiants?

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    We got married in Sept 2011 and Ted Moss was our officiant, they are non-denominational, the prices and the ceremony readings are available on website:

    Ted Moss went to our venue, was prompt and very professional, would highly recommend them
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    we had Orin Flynn from weddingpastor.com and like above, highly recommend them. My family even complimented his services to me after the ceremony.
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    DJ brothers offers officiant services...I am using them for DJ but hadn' heard how their officiants are. They all work at KSBJ.

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