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DO NOT USE Engaging Productions Videography

I got married May 15th, 2010. I contracted and paid in full for my videography services from James Stone almost a year in advance.  Once six months from my wedding date had passed I started contacting him wondering where my video was.  He was always slow in responding to emails and never picked up the phone.  I didn't even get a highlight video until more than a year later.  It's not even a completed highlight video.  It doesn't even have our vows on it.  My contract included multiple copies of DVD's and one copy of a blue ray.  I've only up to this point received one copy of a blue ray which we can't even watch because we don't own a blue ray player.  He does not answer phone calls or emails anymore.  I think all along I've been more than patient and fair in my communications with him.  I found out that he is a full time High School teacher and does this on the side.  No big deal, lots of people do this until they can get situated but he keeps taking on new clients without having time to finish up old clients projects.  I'm considering suing him but with a baby and saving up for a new house don't have the money for a lawyer right now.  I just wanted to share my story with ya'll.  If you have additonal questions you can reach me at haydee99 at gmail

Re: DO NOT USE Engaging Productions Videography

  • I'm sorry you are dealing with this.

    On his FAQ page he says it is common to expect to wait 6 or more months. This would have been a red flag for me. My videographer says at the most 12 to 16 weeks. And he is also doing it part time.

    Did anyone recommend him to you? If so, I would also let them know your experience.
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  • I'm sorry that happened to you. I think I've done extensive homework on all my vendors. I also have chosen to hire vendors that are full time & are not just doing it on the side as weekend warriors. I just feel that part time vendors (cake, photography, wedding planner, florist, videography) do not & can not devote the same time as someone that has chosen it as their true profession. Just my opinion.
  • I would post negative feedback if I were you and I would strongly suggest going to a small court and filing a 'claim' against them, the filing of a claim is $34 and $65 for processing, I filed a 'small claim' before (not wedding vendor related) and it wasn't expensive, even paid for writ of execution where constable was sent to place of business to collect the $ since they were refusing to pay even after judgement in my favor was made. The process was not complicated as I imagined.

    Here is more info on filing claims: http://www.jp.hctx.net/civil/filing.htm
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  • Also, I would file a complaint with the better business bureau - they can often mediate situations like this and may be able to get you what you paid for. Even if not, if complaints are filed against a vendor, it will hurt his business.  also, posting a review on google might be the best way to reach the most people.

    thanks for the heads up. 
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