TP Tuesday...

Lets give this a try.

Who/What would you like to "throat punch" and why.

Re: TP Tuesday...

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    PJS001PJS001 member
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    My oldest sister.

    Two days before my wedding she decided to drink and drive and flipped my middle's sisters car, totaling it. Not only did she destroy her car, but she also put my cousin in the hospital who had come down from NY for my wedding.

    My cousin wasn't allowed the leave the hospital to come to the wedding, and my sister didn't even show up to the wedding either even though she was never hospitalized. She never called to congratulate me or even apologize for what we did. And she wonders why I didn't make her a bridesmaid...

    Haven't spoken to her in over four months and could kind of care less. However, definitely worthy of a throat punch,
    And now we are as one
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    I like this!

    Every single person/vendor that has tried to tell me I cant have a "real" wedding with a guest list of the max 5 (me, fi, my mother, his son, and possibly a friend of his and his wife if they can make it they live far away, and one good friend of mine). Or that I cant have a real wedding cake, ect. I can I will and Im going to. And that includes the indulgance of a two tier wedding cake designed around a cake topper the FI and I fell in love with, and a really pretty venue, and a photographer that can dig their head out of their box and give me all the amazing pictures I want.
    I honestly find it shocking how many people dont want my money because "its not really a wedding" or "we dont deal with partys that size"
    They all deserve a TP, and several of them.

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    STBMrsMartinSTBMrsMartin member
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    My big ginormous dog. He has to wake me up every morning. I just want to slap his nose as if it is the snooze button, but that just doesn't work.
    Our little miracle, Jett.
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    HollyPW2011HollyPW2011 member
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    The man at the hair salon when i was doing a trial for my wedding hair style. He kept saying, "well, give it time, the guy still has time to back out"
    Really??? Whatever happened to "congratulations"?
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    tyboydtyboyd member
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    In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/local-wedding-boards_texas-houston_tp-tuesday-4?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Local Wedding BoardsForum:121Discussion:8c0ae915-3e75-4e77-897c-1bef6049ea18Post:8055ae55-6a44-4e34-9d40-1ca000934479">Re: TP Tuesday...</a>:
    [QUOTE]My big ginormous dog. He has to wake me up every morning. I just want to slap his nose as if it is the snooze button, but that just doesn't work.
    Posted by STBMrsMartin[/QUOTE]

    GIRL, that's my dog EVERY morning at 7am... if not earlier! GOSH!
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