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Outside Ceremony in Portland Maine

I would really LOVE to have our wedding ceremony outside but I'm not sure if there is a good place in Portland. I heard that Portland Headlights may be an option but they don't allow chairs? Anyone know of any nice place for a ceremony in Portland. Even if we had to have the wedding in the church and had a nice area near it to take pictures, that would be fine as well!! We are probably going to have our Reception at the Marriott at Sable Oaks so all we need is a ceremony location. Any info would be appreciated. :)

Re: Outside Ceremony in Portland Maine

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  • Hi Meg,

    Definitely do post this on the local boards - but you're also in luck because I'm from Maine!  My cousin and his wife were married on this gorgeous point tucked away behind the SMCC (Southern Maine Community College) campus in Portland.  I think it was pretty inexpensive, and it overlooked the ocean out to one of the historic forts.  It was lovely and simple.  The land is owned by SMCC, so contact their admin dept. or something.  Fort Williams is also lovely, but it's public and they won't close it down for your wedding, you just have to make sure people are there to reserve the space early.  Good luck!
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