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Aisle runner?

I'm considering NOT using an aisle runner.  Mine is an outdoor wedding, but the aisle is a paved brick walkway leading up to the historic home's porch where the ceremony will be held.

I do not want to trip!!!

Any opinions on aisle runners?

Re: Aisle runner?

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    Don't like them.  They're not needed.  They rarely lay flat, and thus become tripping hazards.

    My DD had an outdoor wedding.  She had an aisle runner provided by the venue.  As they were trying to pull it, it was waving in the breeze, blew off the aisle.  They tried to bring it back.  It was mostly twisted and wrinkled.  It would have been better to have skipped it.

    And FWIW:  people will tell you that the hem of your dress will get stained/dirty.  It didn't.  Not anymore that it will on carpet or a dusty dance floor.
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    YOu definately dont need them, a lot of people recommend not using them in fear of tripping. Especially with outdoor weddings, since weather could be a factor unless you can secure it to the ground somehow.

    I chose to do one, I'm having an indoor ceremony and will be securing mine to the floor, I also painted our monogram on it so I'm very excited to use it, but its completely fine to skip it.
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    Because you asked, I think an aisle runner would look stupid on a brick walkway.

    I'm not a fan of aisle runners anyway, they are a useless, one-use, waste of time and money, and often look like cheap crap. 
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    Thanks, everyone!  I've decided not to use an aisle runner.  I appreciate y'all's feedback!
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