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Where to have my wedding?

My fiance and I want to have our wedding in our home town. I live 3 hours away and I want it at my church. What should I do? Both of our families and friends would have to drive 3 hours and neither of us have boarding for them.

Re: Where to have my wedding?

  • You block off rooms for your guests.  They will typically receive a 10-20% discount since you are blocking off so many rooms and there is no upfront costs for you to do this.

    Who is paying?  That could be your deciding factor right there.


  • Most likely my family and I

  • Hotel blocking or find a different location. 
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  • You could find a halfway point for the ceremony and reception, but I agree that you need to block off hotel rooms for those who don't want to drive in and out the same day.
  • If your family is going to be helping you out, it might be easier to have it in your hometown (I'm assuming that's where the family is). I went through this about a month ago deciding between getting married where we live now (Texas) and deciding between two towns in MS (my hometown and my mom's). Eventually, you just have to bite the bullet and make a decision. It's three hours, not Italy, people are probably going to come. You can pro and con it all day, and both will have their points, but at some point you just have to book it. That's what I did. After going back and forth with my Mom for about a month and my FI just wanting there to be a decision (he truly did not care as long as I was happy), I just called the church and booked. Everything's so much better since then because we are off the fence and can start getting it together. 
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