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June colors

I am getting married June 26, 2010. I am having a hard time picking a color, because I am a pastel kind of girl.  But everyone tells me that a dark red or purple won't look right in June. Any suggestions?!?
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Re: June colors

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    Don't worry about matching colors with the season.  The days of season specific wedding colors went out with even wedding parties, stepford bridesmaids, and poofy sleeved gowns.

    Plum or dark red would look fine in June!  We did navy in May, and it was lovely.  If you want to brighten it up some, go with a dark color and a bright accent color.  But you don't have to.  As long as you treat your guests well, you can do pretty much anything you want.  Besides, no one will really remember the color scheme besides you. 
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    I agree with kmacamac.  I'm also getting married in June.  I wanted "timeless" colors, so the bridesmaid's dresses will be black with lime or lemon-colored sashes.  At the reception venue, we're going to use these colors more (for the linens and for flowers) and black will be more of an accent. 
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    Thanks kmacamac!  This particular rental place was awesome and the people really listened to my ideas and cooridinated things well!  It's actually 2 underlay which is lime and the overlay is sheer with the polka dots.  The sheer overlay softens the lime...I love the color, but didn't want it tacky-bright :)  Hopefully it'll help create a fun and relaxed mood for the evening! 

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    I agree with the others that you should go with the colors you want. It'll be something to make your wedding stand apart from the cookie cutter spring/summer template.
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    Ditto pp's.. go with the colors you want to use. Your wedding should be personal to you and your FI not what everyone else expects you to do. My favorite weddings I've been to are the ones where you can tell the bride and groom really got creative and personalized their day.

    I'm also a June 26th, 2010 bride! Hi date twin! Our colors are gold and pink.. I'm not quite sure if they "go with the season" or not. I just picked what I liked and thought looked good together. HTH and good luck!
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    We're having a late-summer wedding and our colors will be black, white and hot pink.  I think the days of "seasonal" colors are pretty much over.  I've seen pale pastels in winter and deep jewel tones in July.  Do what you like, and skip what everyone else is telling you.

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    I'm getting married June 26, 2010 too :) Our colors are black and white with dark red accents.. those aren't exactly "summer colors" but everything is coming together very nicely. I wouldn't worry about what anyone else tells you, its your wedding and you will be the one looking at the pictures for years to come.  You don't want to regret picking colors that weren't what you really wanted. I think the only thing season "appropriat" thing that we picked was the flavor of our cake: lemon cake with raspberry filling! yum :)
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    I'm also June 26, 2010! I can't believe we're under 6 months!

    I agree, do the colors you want. As long as it's what you and your FI like, no need to stress. 
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    I'm getting married June 5th 2010 our colors are Navy and Silver not summer colors but its what we liked so were going with it.
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    My June wedding colors are red and black to coincide with our music themed wedding, but I'm having the bridesmaids wear red and white, since it's an outdoor wedding and all of that black will look too dreary for a pretty summer wedding.
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