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I am wanting to book a suite downtown for both the night before and the night of my wedding. Any suggestions for something that will look good in pictures but isn't completely outrageous in price?

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    Alden , Magnolia and Hotel Icon
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    I got a good deal for a block of rooms at the Omni Riverway. She's giving us a good deal for the suite also. If you have 20 people book you get your suite complimentary. 

    It's a nice hotel, the grounds & lobby are pretty. Also there's a bar with a dj open late Saturday night, I'm hoping to get most of the bridal party to stay there in case we want to keep the party going the night of the wedding.
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    I'm staying at Hotel Icon for my wedding. I love it soooo much!
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    [QUOTE]I'm staying at Hotel Icon for my wedding. I love it soooo much!
    Posted by criseyde[/QUOTE]

    <div>This is where we stayed. It was very nice.</div>
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    We have a courtesy block at Hotel Icon for our wedding. I haven't been there myself, but it looks nice in the photos. The lady told me they recently renovated. 

    We got married 11/3/12!!

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    We stayed at Hotel Icon after our wedding. When we checked in we were still in our wedding attire and they upgraded us to a suite. The rooms are amazing and the staff is great. Parking is expensive, but the whole experience for us was awesome.
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