Have YET to hear back from my venue

So we checked out a place and we asked the lady to send us a quote.  This was 3 weeks ago.  Then, I emailed her and told her that its no rush, but I needed for her to send it again and she never emailed me back. Then my hubby called her and she claimed that she emailed him.  So then he emailed her on Friday just to make sure she had the correct email address.  We still haven't heard back from her.  I am wondering do you think I can use this as leverage someway to get a lower price on the venue or food or something. Should we act like we do not care and we are going with another venue or should I give her more time? I don't want to be rude and I don't want to lose the venue but I would rather not pay full price either.

Re: Have YET to hear back from my venue

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    I might not use them if they aren't communicating with you...it may not be a big deal now, but down the road closer to the wedding its gonna stress you out if you can't get in contact with them...
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    there were a few venues that never got back to me when I was looking for quotes. I moved on. they obviously don't want your business that bad.

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    Same here, some venues emailed me a quote MONTHS after my inquiry. Guess they didn't care to make business at the moment and means their customer service is poor anyways
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    Yea I was thinking that when it gets closer to the time I will lose it if they stop communicating with me.  But the thing is we actually went there and fell in love with the place. We met with them and everything.  We even told them that we will be ready to book at the end of July. I guess I will have to move on.
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