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Church Troubles

I am having a really hard time finding a church to get married in, however me and my FI looked at one recently and we really liked it..... but it was huge, fits 500 and we are having around 200. Would it be stupid to have so many extra pews?

What are your thoughts? What should I do?
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Re: Church Troubles

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    It wouldn't be my first choice, but if you really like the church, I think you can make it work.  Have your guests sit in only the sections closest to the aisle so it will feel more intimate.  Talk to your photographer and videographer about zooming in enough so your pictures won't look like half of your family and friends skipped out on your day.

    On the bright side, you'll have room to expand your guest list like most people end up doing! :)
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    Why can't you get married in the church you currently attend? If it's too small, under construction or if it's not in the area where you're getting married (example, if you currently live/attend church in Los Angeles, but you're marrying in Lansing because you grew up there), talk to your current priest and see if he can help you find a more suitable church.

    If you're new to the area and aren't parishioners of any particular church yet, attend services at a few different places, find one where you feel comfortable and then talk to the priest about joining the parish and getting married there.

    If you don't attend church at all, and that's why you're having difficulty finding one, then why do you even want a church wedding in the first place?
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    I work in a church that has a large sanctuary.  Far larger capacity than any wedding that's ever been held there.

    Just have your ushers (if you have them) start seating from the rows immediately behind the ones reserved for family.  It will be just fine.
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    My friend's church where she held her wedding wasn't even 1/3 full. But it was beautiful and we were seated close. Pictures still looked good, so I wouldn't worry about it.
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    I hope it's not stupid!  Our church can hold 700 or 800 (some in the balcony), and we're only expecting 150 people.  It's the church FI grew up in, and I'm sure it will be wonderful.
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    Thanks ladies, I feel better now :)

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    Do you want a "church wedding?"  If so, get married in a church that makes you feel beutiful, and that has a minister who will work with you to create the ceremony you want.  Otherwise, there are hundreds of other alternatives for wedding locations that are not a church.

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    We are having trouble too. Neither of us attend church on a normal bases so we are having a really hard time to get find one that will let us do it without coating an arm and leg. Time is quickly running out to get the invites ordered and such. Any suggestions would be great.

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