Texas Safari Ranch?

Does anyone have any information about this venue or anything they can share? Their website was a little lacking to me. Thanks!
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Re: Texas Safari Ranch?

  • Their website is totally lacking.  When I first got engaged I had a knee injury that prevented me from driving, so I called looking for info.  The only way I could get information was to physically drive there and speak to someone.  Total inconvenience. 

    My best friend got married there & my high school prom was there.  They do have different rooms with different architecture and decor in them.  Both events were nice. 
  • My brother got married there last summer. It was nice but there were some issues. The servers packed up the food before some guests could go back for seconds. They didn't keep the margarita machine running which we paid extra for so my mom never got any she was the one who wanted it. The extra food was not sent home with us which it should have been since it was all paid for and there was an entire brisket left. And always have a signed contract with you because at the final meeting before the wedding, they tried to raise the price and my SIL didn't have her copy of the original signed contract with her. Also look at the linens first. They had none in her colors and we ended up having to buy them online.
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