HELP!!! Ceremony Location drama!!

I am looking for a ceremony location only. I was going to book with St.Pauls off Main but I am scared of all of their restrictions to the photog. I have certain shots in mind that I HAVE to have and I dont think I will get them bc of all the restrictions. Also, it has to be in or near the downtown Houston area and we will have about 60 people attending.

Any ideas?? Christian churchs w/ little or no restrictions? Gardens? other pretty venues?? Its going to be May 14th 2011.

My budget is 3,000 or less for the ceremony only.

PLEASE any advice?? Im really really stressed about what to do.

Should I just tell my photog to ignor the restrictions on the wedding day? I mean they cant really say anything during the wedding.

Re: HELP!!! Ceremony Location drama!!

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    I think the U of H Chapel, its called the A.D Religion Cente,r is really nice, and the price is great! The pictures on the website dont do it justice. My friend had her ceremony there, if you want photos let me know
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    I am having my ceremony at the U of H chapel, and I can second that it is super affordable and pretty. Huge floor to ceiling windows in the chapel and nice red carpet (which goes with my color scheme). It is right off I-45 in the Central campus.
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    My sister got married at St. Paul's. It was absolutely beautiful, and she got amazing photos with her photographer there. What restrictions are you referring to?
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    id love to see the photos from the UH Chapel!! My email is nicole.thornton20@gmail.com


    And the restrictions are that they cant take pics during the ceremony except from the balcony apparently, and im worried i wont get "the first kiss" picture or anything. But im meeting with the photographer tomorrow and she has shot there before, so hopefully she has some good pics that will make me feel better
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