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Bridesmaid jewelry recommendations? (PIP)

I think we may have found a bridesmaid dress that all the girls like!  (one more BM needs to try it on, so cross your fingers that she likes it too.)

We have a bunch of different sizes and body types, and somehow this dress looks good on all of them.  But I'm not sure what jewelry would look good with it (I will be buying it for them and giving it to them in the silk jewelry rolls I posted about earlier.)

What kind of jewelry would you wear with this dress?

Here is one of my BM trying on the dress in the color we're leaning towards:

Update:  My sister just texted me pictures of jewelry that she really likes.  I told her we can go to the store together and check it out sometime (although I definitely want to look around a little before we settle on something).

What do you think of these sets?  (the color is the same as the dress, it just looks darker b/c it's a cell phone picture)

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