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My FH and I were thinking we would like a couples shower. What are your thoughts on this? How many people should be invited and where should we have it?


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    I say do it.  My husband and I had one.  It was thrown by his brother and mom.   We had about 40 people total.  I thought it was really nice to have a shower where we could both participate not just the bride. 
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    Invite closest friends and family, I wouldn't invite anyone from out of town. It can be done at a house like a bbq or at restaurant where you can rent a small private room for a few hours. It's really up to your host (usually MOH or wedding party that would host the shower). In the shower invites is where your registry information would be included, not on your wedding invitations.
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    Mine is this friday actually with the both of us at my aunts house... we are haveing about sixty!!! We have a large family!! :)
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