Peacock Wedding in the Summer?

I was originally going to get married in the fall, but we've changed the date to summer. Do I still keep my original peacock theme? Or are teals and royal blues too dark for the summer? What do ya'll think?

Re: Peacock Wedding in the Summer?

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    I am doing peacock feathers at the end of April.  I am also sticking with all ivory flowers to lighten the look a little.  I think if you really love the peacock feathers stick with them.
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    I don't see why it would matter really!  Like PP said, just figure out how to lighten it up if you need to.  You could focus more on playing up the greens and yellows in the feathers.
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    My best friend did all Peacock feathers and mixed them with coral flowers to freshen it up.  She was married in March of 07.
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    totally doable. If it's what you want, go for it!
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    I went to a peacock themed wedding a couple of weeks ago and she did a great job not going overboard with it.
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    Do it. Do the colors you love. A friend of mine did a peacock theme at the end of May this year and it was fine.
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    use green hydrangeas and that will lighten up the peacock. I think it will look great.
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    I'm including peacock feathers most likely in my wedding and it's next May so I say go for it!  If that's what, go for it!
  • ib4eplzib4eplz member
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    I am doing a peacock wedding, but mine is in November.  Everyone thought it was weird that I wasn't doing fall colors in the fall season.  Oh well--this is my wedding not theirs.  I say yea it is your decision!
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    My Peacock wedding is at the end of August.  Instead of dark colors, we're using bright, summery colors (purple, apple green, and turquoise) with gold accents.  I'm lightening up my bouqet by using mostly white flowers with some greens, purples, and Peacock Feathers tucked in.  I think you can make it work with any colors if you add enough white and let the bridesmaids wear short dresses.

    Good Luck!
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    I am doing it as well. I am getting married at the end of august. My Bridesmaid's dresses will be a peacock blue- BUT you can "lighten" a look by choosing different fabrics and accent colors.

    I am doing a light weight chiffon for accessories, and very bright bouquets with feathered accents and hair accessories.

    Just stay away from pairing your peacocks with too many dark colors, no taffeta, no heavy satin - and maybe keep the other ladies in short dress styles as well.

    It can be done!
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