I need a venue to have my Wedding/reception. I looked at The Villa Ballroom Which I LOVE but I just cant see us paying $12,000 + for one day. My friend suggested The Gatherings. Any other suggestions? any area..Thanks
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Re: Wedding/Reception

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    There's lots of options.
    Depending on what area you're looking for, here are some ideas:

    Le Jardin
    Brady's Landing
    Crystal Ballroom at the rice
    White House ranch in friendswood
    Ashton Gardens
    Alden Houston
    Always and Forever
    Briscoe Manor

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    Wow, when I when to Villa Ballrooms, they quoted me a price of 9,000 and that was all inclusive.
    I'm having mine at the Pelazzio, it's in a shopping center but don't let that deter you because that place is beautiful and they are resonable priced. They have all inclusive packages, that include the  cake, open bar, limo, food, 5 floral centerpieces, DJ, basic decor, which I'm not using but to each is own. I'm having my ceremony in one room and the reception in the Grand Ballroom. The pictures they have online for the ballroom does not do that place justice. The only thing that I have to pay for that's not in the package is the photographer and I can recommend mine as well. We are on a budget as too. FI and I is paying for everything alone. I also can tell you about the deal I got for my wedding suite, which included, the STD, programs. menus, invites, and thank you cards.
    You can try Chateau Crystale Ballrooms.
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    I am having mine at Safari Texas Ranch. Many girls on the board seem to really dislike the venue, but I have no problem with it. It is definitely budget-friendly. I agree that the outside is somewhat off-putting, but the inside of the ballrooms makes up for it.

    There is also:
    Shirley Acres
    Tad Akers
    Belle Rose Maison
    La Tranqulia Ranch
    Shepard Hill Estates

    Someone upthread mentioned Ashton Gardens and Briscoe Manor - I can tell you now, that those venues will be way more than $12K.
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    im having mine at heights villa... they are new..er lol and so right now there prices are pretty fair for a sunday i got mine for four thousand... keep in mind it is a sunday though
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    We checked almost every venue in & around Houston. The only one that was acceptable for us & affordable with 35 5-star independent reviews in the yellow pages was Cleopatras Palace & Banquet Hall.


    Mimi is fantastic. Please contact her before you check any place else. You will be amazed!
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    My sister's getting married on Saturday at Gatherings.  I went with her to see the place - it's nice; I think she's spending around $4500 for about 100 guests for food, decor.  She has to purchase the cakes, photos/video, dj/band.  She holding both ceremony and reception.  I'll let you guys know how it all turns out next week.
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    We are getting married at the house plantation.. They have different packages and a list of vendors that will work with you.

    Plus the place is gorgeous and Pam and Connie are super nice!
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    sent u a pm
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    My brother and sister-in-law just opened up a venue called the Bienville Social. It is located a block away from the strand in Glaveston and it is designed for smaller more intimate weddings, wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners. It is very well priced and gorgeous! The website is www.bienvillesocial.com/">www.bienvillesocial.com and if you are interested in getting more information about the location (price, date, time, etc), please email me at [email protected] and I will give you more details.

    Good luck with the rest of your wedding plans!
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    Good Afternoon:

    Follow up from post regarding Gatherings.  My sister's wedding was this weekend and it was really nice!  The decorations were wonderful, the food was good (I can't say great because my food wasn't hot - not the fault of the venue, but the way she had it served).  It has a dance floor and probably can comfortably accomoodate up to about 150 people.  I would go check it out and see if it's what you're looking for.  I would've probably chosen it but it's too far from the church where we're getting married.
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    im getting married at the pelazzio and after doing months of research their plan is the best and offer the most for the least.
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