Fajitas @ Reception - Catered or DIY?

I'm thinking of purchasing the fajita meat and cooking it ourselves for our reception. We will have around 60 guests and are going to do fajitas, the fixings, beans, rice, sauce and chips. Any ideas or suggestions? Who I may be able to purchase this from already made? Or ideas on DIY! Thank you! 

Re: Fajitas @ Reception - Catered or DIY?

  • I honestly would never recommend to a bride to cater her own wedding, especially for a hot meal for 60 guests.

    I'm not saying it's impossible, but I just think it's worth the money to pay someone to cater, even if you need to cut back the budget in other ways or invite less people.

    I would recommend getting catering quotes from Los Cucos, maybe Pappasitos, or even better, a lesser known mexican restaurant to see how much it would cost.

    I know for a lot of them, they just deliver all the food, and you pay extra if you want them to serve it. 

  • I'm getting to the point where I am so overwhelmed now and I still have 4 months. I can't imagine what its like then! lol Thanks for the advice!

  • What about catering Cadillac Bar....we are having our rehearsal dinner there and they have a great Fajita package.
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  • I would recommend getting catering, you can try Doneraki, Taco Cabana, Los Cucus, Las Haciendas for pricing
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  • Thanks for the ideas guys! vpine I sent you a PM about your dj! :)

  • Definitely have someone else do it!
  • I agree.  Don't take on any more responsibilities than you absolutely have to.  I was thinking about making my own cake (cuz I'm a fancy pants pastry chef and I can conquer the world, even on my wedding day!  Ya right....)  I can't imagine having one more thing to think about during the days leading up to the wedding.
    We also had fajitas at our wedding and it's a great deal.  Have it all laid out to where people can fix what they want and everyone's happy.
  • I agree with the rest of the girls...Fajitas are relatively cheap (I'm doing them too!). Los Cucos quoted $10 per person which is SUPER awesome and worth looking into.
  • Look into Lupe Tortilla, they have THE best fajitas!
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  • Lupe Tortilla has a Woodlands location & they are pretty tasty!
  • I would look in taqueria del sol or don carlos but have really good fajitas and are very resonable
  • I agree Don Carlos has great pricing and their fajitas are really good.  The other Mexican place with good fajitas & pricing is Gringos.  Look at theem too.
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