No longer a Bridesmaid. What to do with my sister?

So, my sister is officially out of my wedding party. She is upset about it, but she can get over it. I still want her to be a part of my wedding though. I have been trying to brainstorm ideas as to what she can do, but I am drawing a blank.

Can you ladies help me think of something so that she can be an active member of the wedding? I still have the same concerns as before in reference to her dependability, so no crucial positions such as Day-Of-Coordinator, but I want her to feel like I do want her there.

Any and all suggestions/opinions will be appreciated!
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Re: No longer a Bridesmaid. What to do with my sister?

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    You could have her do a reading (if you're doing that kind of wedding), she could hand out programs or man the guestbook. 

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    ugh I'm having the same problem with my fiance's sister. I guess she assumed she was going to be a bm.... now it's turned into a stand-off and she's threatened not to let her boys be our ring bearers! 

    here's some ideas:
    guest book attendant
    gift table attendant
    cake cutter
    pass out programs

    we're having family walk down the isle... grandparents and parents. my brothers are both groomsmen, so we decided to have her and her husband walk down with gparents and parents.

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    Have her give out favors or programs
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    i had my older sister and SIL do readings (i only had a matron of honor - my younger sister - and no BMs). since my flower girls were so young (ages 2 and 3), i had my kid sister and equally-young BIL "guide" the flower girls down the aisle.  My sisters' and SIL's husbands were ushers. So everyone had a role. 
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